I live in Baltimore, Maryland in what’s called an Alley House. Originally built to be sold at very low prices to workers, it’s a 4 room and bath mansion approximately 11 feet wide and 28 feet long. It’s almost big enough for a cat to turn around.

These houses were so inexpensive to build the land owners could literally give them away with the condition that the new owners pay a lease on the ground (Ground Rent). In today’s over-valued housing market, young first time home buyers are willing to pay over $200,000 for one of these gems that has been rehabbed.

For internet/computer users: I had one of the first Bulletin Board Systems(BBS) connected to the predecessor of the Internet. A federal agency with contacts through the world connected my humble system to ARPANET (http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/ARPANET). I also served for years as the International Echolist Coordinator for another pre internet system Fidonet.

One of my interests is Morse Code communictions via Amateur Radio. My callsign is K3hrn.

There’s more information about me at www.thomlacosta.com and in various blog entries here.

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