Yesterday’s Mail Tomorrow

The Price of Development or The Postmaster Giveth and Taketh

Residents and business people in South Baltimore recently had to adjust their mail pickup habits. As part of the up scaling of the area, the US Post Office moved from Ostend Street to 1200 South Hanover Street. The new building is much smaller than the previous location, perhaps because the mail carriers no long call it home.

If you’ve ever had a notice to pickup a package or a letter or anything requiring a signature which was not delivered because no one was home to accept it, you simply took the notice to the post office, handed it to the clerk and in a few minutes you’d have your package.

Ah, but the new post office no longer provides that service…a sign notifies you all mail on hold, anything requiring a signature or any items not delivered to your address can be picked up in Brooklyn Park. So, you’re faced with a 4.12 mile drive. Using the stingy IRS value for mileage cost…it will cost you $2.39 cents in gas, oil and insurance to get your mail, to say nothing of the inconvenience and wasted time.

If you’re handicapped, don’t expect the electrically operated doors to swing open when you activate the push panel you’re used to…the doors simply don’t work. Customers who are used to bringing large amounts of mail or packages to the post office and use used to ringing the bell to alert the workers they have mail to drop off will discover while there is a button for the bell…there is no bell, nothing rings.

What seems to be missing is the sign telling you the box mail is up at 11 AM…it hardly ever was at the old post office.

Maybe it’s time for the US Postal Service to adopt a new slogan:

Yesterday’s Mail Tomorrow

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