May 12, 2017 Hanover Street Bridge HiJinks

May 12, 2017 Hanover Street Bridge HiJinks
How A Non-Profit can shoot itself in the foot

Imagine for a few moments you’re on the way to work or some other minor chore…and your route takes you over the Hanover Street Bridge. That’s the most direct route out of Baltimore City towards GlenBurnie and south. You avoid the long way via the BW parkway or skirting around the Middle Branch.

Ah a small snag … a motorcycle policeman is blocking both north and south bound traffic at the intersection of Wells and Hanover Streets. The block is so effective even the southbound dim bulbs that make the u turn into the 95 south ramp are stymied. You’ve seen no signs about a detour, no notice of an emergency on any of the local radio stations…you’re just plain stuck in traffic with no time to spare.

Must be something really important, as there are multiple motorcycle officers at the intersection…lined up with their bubble gum lights flashing, rotating to beat the band. Could it be the Presidential motorcade on the way from a helicopter landing at Fort McHenry?
Perhaps some terrible tragedy on the peninsula with ambulances on the way to Harbor General Hospital?

But wait…now there are bicycles…a log line of bicycles exiting Wells Street onto Hanover. Maybe it’s training for bicycle based police officers? And now there are a few ambulances and utility vehicles. Finally, vehicles with signs indicating you’ve been delayed for at least 15 minutes by the Police Unity Tour.

Traffic finally starts to move….at the pace of the tour…slowly…ever so slowly and one can’t help but notice a huge line of northbound delayed traffic…from Wells and Hanover down into Brooklyn, past 895 and into Brooklyn Park. No one either either the north or south bound lanes looks happy or even remotely civil.

Now you have to wonder…why would any organization hoping to garner support from the community for their noble cause purposely cause a rush hour traffic jam on the ONLY direct route in and out of the South Baltimore Peninsula? What logic prevails causing hundreds of motorists to be late for work, doctor’s appointments, etc? Could it be that the Police believe they are not subject to the same rules the rest of us need to observe?


    • jack Yates on May 16, 2017 at 10:43 am
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    It’s your local government refusing to recognize Daylight Saving Time, one minute at a time.

    1. They may also be subtracted 1 minute at a time…In Baltimore, progress is not our most important product.

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