Neighborhood Spam

Postal Pollution

Like many folks, I don’t appreciate the large amount of junk mail(Or Old School Spam) that clutters my mailbox each day. From foodstores that I never visit, to pizza providers who can deliver while only a 30 minute drive to my location, to folks wanting to buy my house, to painter, drain cleaners, roofers, etc. I have yet to receive mail from any escort service.

A few days ago I noticed an envelope with a return address of
Olive St. Neighbors
South Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 21230

Could this be a new improvement association? Or perhaps a social club, or a food cooperative?

Nope…cluttering my mailbox was a solicitation about And to make it seem personal, it was from an individual on South Hanover Street. I’m not going to name the person, since I don’t know them, and there was no address listed, so I don’t even know if he or she is real.

The text of the letter is designed to make you think one of your neighbors wrote it…it has many references to “we” and “ours”.

Amazingly, the person who puportedly wrote this letter mailed it from:

ZipCode 92834

How thoughtful he/she either visted Fullerton CA or sent a package of letters to be remailed there. It warmed my heart to see such concern on the part of one of my unknown and unverified neighbors.

Nextdoor tells us:
South Baltimore
742 neighbors
27% of 2,150
8,718 neighbors in
17 nearby neighborhoods

Iamgine if every South Baltimore member signed up to send out the ersatz customized letter?

And so, how to stop the Nextdoor Junkmail?
The return address on the envolope is bogus
The sender’s address is not contained in the letter

So, we’re not even safe from our own neighbors who’ve been recruited to add thier names to the spam.


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