August 2018 archive

Man versus Machine

nice stove

Day Trip Testing Camera

Point of Rocks

Drove out 70 towards Frederick and snaked down Rt. 15 towards Leesburg. Right before the bridge to Virginia, went into Point of Rocks to test camera. The station is at the point where the CSX line from Western Maryland splits…one side towards Baltimore and the other toward Wasginton, DC. The station was built in 1873 …

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Another World Class program for Baltimore

Hey, we’re world class in Baltimore you know. Innovators in governmental programs. It’s truly a shame that the city closed down the Marvin Farquar Training Center for Front End Alignment. It was located near the Hanover Street Bridge, but now the bridge has been paved and there are far fewer customers. In order to provide …

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Bike Share Request for Proposal – Another World Class Action

Wonder if the RFP (Request for Proposal) the city wrote said “Wanted, vendor to supply alternate means of transportation in such a way to deflect attention from the City’s ill-conceived Bike Share program. City is willing to non or mis-regulate use of devices and disrupt vehicular traffic and parking to make Baltimore a truly World …

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