Neighborhood Spam

Postal Pollution

Like many folks, I don’t appreciate the large amount of junk mail(Or Old School Spam) that clutters my mailbox each day. From foodstores that I never visit, to pizza providers who can deliver while only a 30 minute drive to my location, to folks wanting to buy my house, to painter, drain cleaners, roofers, etc. I have yet to receive mail from any escort service.

A few days ago I noticed an envelope with a return address of
Olive St. Neighbors
South Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 21230

Could this be a new improvement association? Or perhaps a social club, or a food cooperative?

Nope…cluttering my mailbox was a solicitation about And to make it seem personal, it was from an individual on South Hanover Street. I’m not going to name the person, since I don’t know them, and there was no address listed, so I don’t even know if he or she is real.

The text of the letter is designed to make you think one of your neighbors wrote it…it has many references to “we” and “ours”.

Amazingly, the person who puportedly wrote this letter mailed it from:

ZipCode 92834

How thoughtful he/she either visted Fullerton CA or sent a package of letters to be remailed there. It warmed my heart to see such concern on the part of one of my unknown and unverified neighbors.

Nextdoor tells us:
South Baltimore
742 neighbors
27% of 2,150
8,718 neighbors in
17 nearby neighborhoods

Iamgine if every South Baltimore member signed up to send out the ersatz customized letter?

And so, how to stop the Nextdoor Junkmail?
The return address on the envolope is bogus
The sender’s address is not contained in the letter

So, we’re not even safe from our own neighbors who’ve been recruited to add thier names to the spam.


Yesterday’s Mail Tomorrow

The Price of Development or The Postmaster Giveth and Taketh

Residents and business people in South Baltimore recently had to adjust their mail pickup habits. As part of the up scaling of the area, the US Post Office moved from Ostend Street to 1200 South Hanover Street. The new building is much smaller than the previous location, perhaps because the mail carriers no long call it home.

If you’ve ever had a notice to pickup a package or a letter or anything requiring a signature which was not delivered because no one was home to accept it, you simply took the notice to the post office, handed it to the clerk and in a few minutes you’d have your package.

Ah, but the new post office no longer provides that service…a sign notifies you all mail on hold, anything requiring a signature or any items not delivered to your address can be picked up in Brooklyn Park. So, you’re faced with a 4.12 mile drive. Using the stingy IRS value for mileage cost…it will cost you $2.39 cents in gas, oil and insurance to get your mail, to say nothing of the inconvenience and wasted time.

If you’re handicapped, don’t expect the electrically operated doors to swing open when you activate the push panel you’re used to…the doors simply don’t work. Customers who are used to bringing large amounts of mail or packages to the post office and use used to ringing the bell to alert the workers they have mail to drop off will discover while there is a button for the bell…there is no bell, nothing rings.

What seems to be missing is the sign telling you the box mail is up at 11 AM…it hardly ever was at the old post office.

Maybe it’s time for the US Postal Service to adopt a new slogan:

Yesterday’s Mail Tomorrow

After All These Years

And after all these years, I thought Olive Oil was the only essential one a good Italian need know….But Think Again! New Courses at Pandola Education Center:

What harmful chemicals are lurking in your house? Learn
how to cut out the chemicals and clutter from your traditional
cleaners and how to simplify and purify your home and reduce toxicity. Create your own multipurpose cleaner to take
home. April 11 (7-9) $15 plus supplies Lyndi Claudia Caruso

The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum

I am extremely honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum. As a “Martin Baby” I have many fond memories of the Glenn L. Martin Company, the Middle River area and the tremendous impact the company had on the war effort in World War II and the culture and economy of Baltimore County.

I look forward to assisting the museum. Check the museum website at for the many events and information about the home of Rosie the Riveter and one of the largest aircraft manufacturing factories in WWII.

Just the Facts, Hon…just the Facts

“Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams once said, “and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Observing Volunteers and Voters

I think this image gives an accurate assessment of actions by many voters and volunteers encountered over the years. If you’re one of them, perhaps it’s time to wake up before the Big Bad Wolf gets you.


We Simply Follow – Waiting for the Big Bad Wolf

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

It’s Friday evening, September 21, 2018, after 5 PM and once again I’ve lost the battle in the “Find a Parking Place Roulette” in Area 30 Residential Parking Permit area. For those not familiar with the RPP Ponzi Scheme, it’s where the City of Baltimore sells you a permit to park in a designated area…not a parking place, not a guaranteed space, but a license to hunt for space and not get a citation if you find one.

So let’s see…a Residential Parking Permit…means you have to live in the area…and you can not park a commercial vehicle in the area, even if it’s your vehicle. Oh yes, you can get a permit to give to a visitor who does not live in the area…but the visitor cannot park the commercial vehicle.

Got it straight so far? In area 30 the regulations about permit parking are not in effect after 10PM…so a crafty person can park their car after 10 PM. But wait, there’s more….the parking control officers need to document the non permitted vehicle was parked for over 2 hours…and since they stop patrolling at 10 PM, if they notice a car illegally parked at 801PM, they can not issue a ticket at 1001PM, since they are not working then. This time warp lets the illegal parker park at 801PM and not get a citation.

So what is a commercial vehicle? The obvious ones have signage with a business name. But they must be a truck…so if you own “Pappy’s Locksmith and Door Repair”, you can have your car all signed up, all commercial…and parked in a residential parking area using a permanent or visitor’s permit.

So let’s see….there’s another class of vehicle that doesn’t have to follow the rules…police and sheriff cars….they don’t need a permit and can park in any no parking zone with no fear of getting a citation.

Back to Friday evening…after parking about a 1/4 mile from the edge of the RPP area, I observe commercial vehicles parked in the RPP, and a governmental vehicle in a no-parking zone at the intersection of Barney and Charles streets…it’s the same vehicle that takes up space virtually every evening and more often than not is found in designated no parking zones.

I’ve brought this to the attention of the department owning the vehicle several times…each time they are polite, promise to investigate and on a call back tell me the officer involved has been notified and there should be no more problems. I can only assume they must use a different version of English than mine since it’s a recurring problem.

The Police Department used to park out of service patrol cars in no parking zones. The insisted it cut down crime…but it’s hard to believe that the observation owers of criminals are so poor they can not determine a patrol car with dents, rust and bad tires parked in the same space for days on end is not going to cramp their style. At least the Sheriff’s Department did not try to convince me the vehicle is a crime deterrent.

So, if you live in the area and see the vehicle below as I documented around 11AM on Saturday, Septemeber 22, 2018, please join me in the “Let’s Give the Gubmint Feedback on Animal Equality” feedback.

Man versus Machine

nice stove

Another polite “gotcha”

Day Trip Testing Camera

Point of Rocks

Point of Rocks

Drove out 70 towards Frederick and snaked down Rt. 15 towards Leesburg. Right before the bridge to Virginia, went into Point of Rocks to test camera. The station is at the point where the CSX line from Western Maryland splits…one side towards Baltimore and the other toward Wasginton, DC.

The station was built in 1873 by the B&O Railroad in conjunction with the opening of service to Washington DC.

Today, the only passenger service available at Point of Rocks is the MARC commuter trains.

The camera I tested was a Pentax K-3 using a 18-55 mm zoom. I used Corel AfterShot to edit the picture. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Another World Class program for Baltimore

Hey, we’re world class in Baltimore you know. Innovators in governmental programs.

It’s truly a shame that the city closed down the Marvin Farquar Training Center for Front End Alignment. It was located near the Hanover Street Bridge, but now the bridge has been paved and there are far fewer customers.

In order to provide employment for graduates of Baltimore’s failed school system, the Mayor has set aside $739.000.42 to fund The Rolling Aligners, who will be stationed at various pot holes in the city to offer “after the dance” alignment services to drivers at rates not to exceed 150% of market rate.